Femoral Nerve (L2- L4)

Function: Flexes hip, extends knee, provides sensation to anterior thigh and medial leg and foot.
  • Arises from posterior rami of L2-4 lumbar segments
  • Descends with the iliopsoas muscle which it innervates before exiting the pelvis underneath the inguinal ligament, emerging in the femoral triangle lateral to the femoral artery.
  • In the femoral triangle it divides into an anterior & posterior branch.
  • The anterior branch supplies the sartorius muscle and terminates as the intermediate and medial cutaneous nerves of the thigh providing sensation to the anteromedial thigh.
  • The posterior branch supplies the pectineus and quadriceps muscles (rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis) and terminates as the saphenous sensory nerve of the leg which provides sensation the medial leg and foot.

Femoral Nerve 3

Sensory Nerves of Leg

Femoral Nerve Muscles

 Femoral Nerve Muscles2

Femoral Nerve Muscle Actions

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